Is PowerPoint driving you crazy?

The use of PowerPoint and other presentational programs to support congregational singing is a mixed blessing. On the one hand, people lift up their heads allowing their voices to be better heard. It is also a great benefit to the visually impaired. On the other hand, in almost all cases, only the lyrics are projected. Although this doesn't really make any difference to people who can't read music, it can be a real aggravation to those who do.

As seen here, Jay Beech has developed a unique method of projecting both the text and the melody. All of his Congregational Song Packages include a pre-formatted, ready-to-go PowerPoint file like the one playing on this page, (without the embedded audio). These files have been used in congregational worship and at conferences with great success. This really works!

PowerPoint Files with Melody!

Available for all of Jay Beech's congregational music