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To the Castle - A Musical for Stewards - digital download

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To the Castle - A Musical for Stewards - digital download

by Jay Beech


This whimsical 50 minute musical takes place in a medieval castle and tells the story of the sty warden who takes care of the pigs. Everyone has just learned that their long-absent monarch is about to return and is expecting a report from each of them about how they have fulfilled their responsibilities. Reactions range from confidence to panic but no one really knows what to expect.

Clever dialog and delightful music make this show a real joy to stage. It was originally written as a stewardship resource for congregations of the ELCA, and it offers a unique new way to tell the story of God's generosity and our care for those gifts.

As originally scored, To the Castle involves as many as 17 individual actors, a small chorus of extras, and as many as five or six instrumentalists. However, with minor script adjustments, as few as eight people can cover all roles. Click on this link to view the complete Introduction & Performance Notes.


This digital download edition of To the Castle: A Musical for Stewards contains the complete contents of the original print version and includes everything you’ll need to perform and use this musical in your congregation.

PDF FIle Contents
  • The piano and vocal score for all songs and musical interludes, interleaved with the script in PDF. Click on this link to view a sample of the script and score.
  • Instrumental parts in PDF.
  • Performance notes (scenery, costuming, props) in PDF.
  • Congregational usage guide in PDF.
  • Permission to make copies of the contents of the PDF file for cast, chorus, and instrumentalists.
MP3 Audio FIles
Click links in the tabbed panel to the right to hear samples.
  • Tracks 1-9 are full-score versions of all of the main songs, including instrumentalists and singers. This version helps acquaint singers and musicians with complete sounds of the music as it might be fully performed.
  • Tracks 10-24 are "split-track" or instruments-only versions of the first 9 tracks plus all of the musical interludes. This version is useful for rehearsals, and as accompaniment for performances where instrumentalists are not available.
*Download is 83.3mb zipped file