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Everyone Who Is Thirsty, Come! - CD ROM

Price: $30.00



Everyone Who Is Thirsty, Come! - CD ROM

Hymns & Liturgical Music for Dynamic Worship - by Jay Beech


This is an exciting collection of Jay's music for congregational singing. Most of the hymns and liturgical music in this volume are new, but there are a few old favorites included as well. Many different musical styles are represented, and you'll find material appropriate for almost any season or emphasis.


The CD-ROM is an exciting product that gives you additional score resources not included in the book. There are also electronic files for your bulletin or projection system. In all, nearly 350 files are provided on this Mac or Windows data disc including the following:
  • Solo instr. prt for C, Bb, & Eb instrs. in PDF
  • Guitar scores with fretboard symbols in PDF
  • Bulletin-ready score reductions in TIFF & PDF formats
  • Text files of every song
  • BONUS - horn section arrangements for four songs

*NOTE - Piano/Vocal scores in the book not included on CD ROM.

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