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Everyone Who Is Thirsty, Come! - Double Audio CD

Price: $21.95



Everyone Who Is Thirsty, Come! - Double Audio CD

Hymns & Liturgical Music for Dynamic Worship - by Jay Beech


This is an exciting collection of Jay's music for congregational singing. Most of the hymns and liturgical music in this volume are new, but there are a few old favorites included as well. Many different musical styles are represented, and you'll find material appropriate for almost any season or emphasis.


The Electric Disc #1 includes 17 songs with a full rhythm section and features sax, electric guitar, and horn section on various songs. Both recordings include vocals emphasizing the melody. The Acoustic Disc #2 includes 21 songs recorded with primarily acoustic instruments such as piano, guitar, flute, and hand percussion. High-quality AIFF files.

*NOTE - A few of the songs in the book are not included on these discs. See the tabbed panels to the right for complete lists.

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