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Secret Heart and Song of Deliverance - MP3 Audio File

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Secret Heart and Song of Deliverance - MP3 Audio File

from Lenten worship setting of Psalm 51 by Jay Beech
Text and music by Jay Beech, 2001. All rights reserved.
Used by permission: [Insert your license info here.]


This song is from Jay's complete setting of the text of Psalm 51. These musical selections make a wonderful framework for a Lenten Word service such as those held mid-week in many congregations. The first piece, “Have Mercy on Me, O God,” is a hauntingly beautiful interpretation of vv.1-5 that features a plaintive antiphon sung by the congregation with verses sung by a cantor. The next number, “Secret Heart,” is a short, transitional solo piece that leads into the hopeful and upbeat “Song of Deliverance.” The final piece, “The Sacrifice Acceptable,” can be used as an Offertory song, (although it would not be appropriate in this context in a Eucharistic service).


Single full length MP3 audio file of both “Secret Heart” and “Song of Deliverance” as originally recorded on Everyone Who Is Thirsty, Come! in 2002.

2:21 - 44.1kHz, 160kbps - 2.7mb
Listen to lo-fi samples of - Secret Heart - Song of Deliverance