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The Church Song - Guitar/Vocal Score

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The Church Song - Guitar/Vocal Score

Text and music by Jay Beech, 1988. All rights reserved.
Used by permission: [Insert your license info here.]


"We are the Church;
The body of our Lord,
We are all God's children.
We have been restored."

This was the first piece of participational music that Jay Beech ever wrote and has become a classic. It is still one of his most-requested compositions for reprint. In English, the word "church" can be a source of confusion because it is used to describe a building and a worship service, as well as bearing its truest meaning, the people of God. The song was originally intended as a teaching tool for youth and children at the Bible camp where Jay worked in the summer of 1981. It fulfilled this function there and far beyond for young people as well as adults. It has also come to be a beloved anthem of identity for congregations who have experienced a crisis such as the loss of their building to a fire. Now published in numerous hymnals and song collections, countless members of that body raise their voices to affirm that...
"The Church, it is the people living out their lives,
Called, enlightened, sanctified for the work of Jesus Christ."


Two page PDF score in E major includes melody plus guitar chords with fretboard symbols.

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