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The Healing Hand of Jesus - MP3 Audio File

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The Healing Hand of Jesus - MP3 Audio File

Text and music by Jay Beech, 1991. All rights reserved.
Used by permission: [Insert your license info here.]


Where is Jesus in the story of the Good Samaritan? That depends. When we are reaching out to the forgotten and broken ones in our society, Jesus is the man wounded and left for dead by the side of the road. When we ourselves are wounded and suffering, Jesus is the Samaritan reaching his hand down to minister to us. In “The Healing Hand of Jesus,” the text is written from the perspective of the beaten and abandoned man. The inherent tension found in identifying Christ in our world, however, is also expressed in the recognition of Jesus as “wounded healer.”

Written in a laid-back Gospel style, this song will work equally well as a solo performance piece or as a hymn.


Full length MP3 audio file originally recorded on Everyone Who Is Thirsty, Come! in 2002.

4:09 - 44.1 kHz, 160kbps - 4.8mb

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