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Prayer and Acclamations - from One Body, Alive! - MP3 Audio File

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Prayer and Acclamations - from One Body, Alive! - MP3 Audio File

from One Body, Alive! liturgy by - Jay Beech


In most liturgies of Holy Communion there is a minimal amount of singing by the presider with spoken or sung acclamations from the congregation. One of the most distinctive features of the One Body, Alive! liturgy is that it includes a Eucharistic Prayer with most of the presider's parts set to a mixture of Gospel, blues, and jazz. The liturgy was originally commissioned for the ELCA's National Youth Gathering in Atlanta in the summer of 1994. The book of Ephesians provided the foundation for the programming of that event so the themes of Baptism and resurrection are strongly represented. Although this would certainly make the liturgy suitable for the season of Easter, the gathering took place during Pentecost, so the Proper Preface for that season was used. The Eucharistic Prayer itself was adapted from Prayer #2 in the Minister's Edition of the Lutheran Book of Worship.

There are three recordings that together make up this unique setting of the Communion liturgy: Preface, Dialog, and Sanctus, Eucharistic Prayer & Verba (Words of Institution), and Prayer & Acclamations. (There is no recording of the Lord's Prayer although it follows the Words of Institution as it would in a normal Lutheran service of Holy Communion.) With the exception of the Sanctus, there are currently no downloadable score packages available for these three sections of the Communion liturgy. The complete scores are included in the One Body, Alive! Leader's Edition book, however.


Full length MP3 audio file from the Eucharistic Prayer of the One Body, Alive! liturgy including the Anamnesis, Epiclesis, Doxology, and Amen, along with congregational acclamations:
  • Christ has died. Christ is risen. Christ will come again.
  • Amen. Come, Lord Jesus.
  • Amen. Come, Holy Spirit.
Originally recorded on the One Body, Alive! compact disc in 1994.

3:33 - 44.1 kHz, 160kbps - 4.1mb

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