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The Rock - MP3 Audio File

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The Rock - MP3 Audio File

“I Will Call upon the Lord” (alt. title)
Track 17 from One Body, Alive! by Jay Beech


This was a very popular camp song in the '80s and '90s so it translated well to the many youth gatherings for which The Jay Beech Band played. As with many oral traditions, various versions and dialects developed at camps in different regions of the country. This version was the one Jay learned first at Green Lake Bible Camp in Spicer, MN. Not sure if the composer, Michael O'Shields, would even recognize it. The text is a loose paraphrase of Psalm 18:1-3.


Full length MP3 audio file originally recorded on One Body, Alive! in 1994.

2:00 - 44.1 kHz, 160kbps - 2.3mb

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