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I Will Call upon You - Congregational Song Pkg.

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I Will Call upon You - Congregational Song Pkg.

Psalm 17
Text (based on Psalm 17:6-9) and music by Jay Beech, 2001. All rights reserved.
Used by permission: [Insert your license info here.]


One of the most comforting things for a Christian is the knowledge that God hears our prayers and is always present watching over and protecting us. This beautiful setting of Psalm 17 can be sung as a hymn but the refrain also works wonderfully as a sung response to prayer petitions.


Includes the following files for congregational print or projection:
  • 1) an RTF (rich text) of the lyrics;
  • 2) a PowerPoint file with only the lyrics;
  • 3) a high res TIFF image file with melody and lyrics formatted for a half letter size page;
  • 4) a PDF of item #3;
  • 5) a PowerPoint file featuring melody and lyrics in a large format.

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