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Here in the Kingdom - 2 prt vocal - PDF download

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Here in the Kingdom - 2 prt vocal - PDF download

Anthem for any combination of voices - by Jay Beech


“Here in the kingdom everything is turned around;
In God's kingdom everything is upside down.”

God's kingdom is truly filled with surprises and paradoxical truths: The first will be last, the least will be greatest, children are the wise ones, and life is found by taking up the cross of Christ and following his path of self-sacrifice. Jesus confuses almost everyone with these teachings throughout the New Testament. As always, his words are hope and promise to the poor and powerless, and a constant reminder that God's kingdom is not like this world.

Jay has distilled many scripture passages into a really fun New Orleans-style shuffle. Some of the chord changes in this thing are crazy! A four part horn section arrangement is also available.


Two-part vocal anthem for any combination of voices in G major includes piano accompaniment and chords formatted for four letter-size pages. PDF download only.

Licensed for 25 copies   PDF Icon Preview sheet music