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Birthday Gift - SAT - PDF download

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Birthday Gift - SAT - PDF download

by Jay Beech


This song was originally part of Baytone Music's very first publication back in 1985, a children's musical called “We Welcome You” (no longer available). Someone is describing a dream in which they find themselves in the stable in Bethlehem, but are surprised to encounter Jesus there as a full-grown man. He challenges our notions about gift-giving by telling the dreamer and later also the wisemen that, “when you give a gift to the least of these, it's a birthday gift to me.” This gentle piece is suitable for Christmas and Epiphany as well when stewardship, service, and care for those forgetten by society is being emphasized.


This SAT arrangement includes piano accompaniment and chord symbols in concert key of C major formatted for letter-size paper. Range of the tenor part is from C below middle C to E above middle C. Also suitable as a vocal solo.

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