Instrumental Parts

The Race: A Simplicity Musical

This musical was arranged to match the skills of musicians with good high school-level instrumental abilities. The score and instrumental parts in this guide allow for a full orchestration that matches the recording on the CD.

Rhythm Section

The musical can be performed with only piano accompaniment, although a rhythm section of bass and drum kit would be a welcome addition. There are no written parts for these instruments so they would need to familiarize themselves with the recording and then play by following the piano score. Additional instruments not included on the recording such as guitar and Hammond-type organ could be added if the players are advanced and able to play from the chord symbols printed above the piano part.

Wind Instruments

The score includes parts for three wind instruments. Transpositions have been provided for the following:

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Keyboard Reduction

Also included is a reduction of all three wind instrument parts into a score that can be played on an electronic keyboard. Many digital keyboards have fairly realistic samples of brass instruments or combined horn sections. This can be quite effective when layered with one or more actual wind instruments. However, this would not be recommended if your keyboard's brass patches are unconvincing, (e.g. cheesy). Also, some of these horn section patches have notes voiced in an octave which will be too thick. Be sure to choose a patch that only voices the notes in unison.

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